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Debora Francis

Love Letter

Love Letter

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Limited Editions

A3 - 1/250
A2 - 1/100
A1 - 1/50
30 x 30cm - 1/250
40 x 40cm - 1/100
50 x 50cm - 1/50
30 x 40cm - 1/250
40 x 50cm - 1/100
60 x 80 cm - 1/50
70 x 100cm - 1/25
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  • Limited Edition and Certificate

    Every print series is available in limited editions in each size. Each print comes with a unique certificate of authenticity from the artist by Artdoc Photography Gallery. It provides the name of the image, the edition number, production date, certificate number and a hologram authentication patch that is matched by a unique number on both the print and certificate.

  • Framed Prints

    Our framed prints are available in the colours white, black & oak. The classical frames are made of wood and there will be added a white border to your print. The artwork will fit in the frame, so it is ready to be hung on your wall. The photographic art prints are printed on one of the most beautiful and high quality papers on the market, Hahnemühle Bamboo.

Debora Francis

Debora Francis is a photographic artist addressing themes of spirituality and transformation. With a B.A. in Psychology, Debora's approach is rooted in a devotion to exploring the metaphysical and is motivated by a desire to have a transcendent experience. Working entirely by hand, employing automatic methods, and embracing the element of chance, Debora pushes boundaries in the darkroom—her own and those of her innovative processes. Abstract and otherworldly, she forms deep connections to her works while resonating an innate sensitivity to human frailty and interdependence. Her art serves as an intimate therapeutic tool and is an expression of survival.


Debora Francis is a photographic artist exploring themes of loss, transformation, and interdependence, and she considers my art-making a spiritual, therapeutic process. Centered on the acceptance of impermanence, Debora's practice is an expression of metaphysical mystery rooted in a devotion to confronting the unknown. Her approach is motivated by a desire to have a transcendent experience and interact with the unpredictability of her techniques. By surrendering and immersing herself in the present moment, her darkroom encounters become a form of alchemy, a meditation on Oneness where the self falls away, and she connects to something larger than herself.

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    Straight returns are not accepted as these are limited edition prints and are printed by order. In the rare event that your framed print arrives with any kind of damage, we will gladly replace it for you completely free of charge.

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