About us

Artdoc Photography Gallery is an online gallery specialising in conceptual, experimental, and mixed-media photography, from visual storytelling to artistic documentary projects. Artdoc brings work of established and emerging photographers from all countries of all continents. 

Photographic Artists

Artdoc started as an online photography magazine and decided to expand with an online photo gallery to promote talented photographers. Artdoc is always keen to discover talented artists. We aim to make the work of our photographic artists accessible to all photo art lovers. Artdoc provides a platform for the photographer's creativity beyond traditional photography.

Our Vision

The name Artdoc refers to our vision of photography. The former distinction between art photography and documentary photography has, in recent years, merged, and contemporary photography is a blend of mirrors and windows. We believe in photography as an art medium and that photography is the most relevant global plastic form of art. Photography is a tool to communicate about the world that surrounds us and our feelings about it. Photography is the visual storytelling medium of our time, and it's deeply pervaded in the veins of our society and culture. Contemporary photographers of our time, tell stories that matter and can influence thoughts and feelings about ourselves and about our society. The art of photography is not limited to the aesthetics of the images themselves but encompasses the story behind them. Photography is the art that combines reality and vision, feeling and truth, psychological depth, and political awareness.